June in Belize

Belize in June - hot and humid with occasional rainfall
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In June, summer travel to Belize gets a boost before peaking in July. As part of the shoulder season, June provides a quieter atmosphere and the possibility of even more affordable accommodations and tours when compared to May. While the weather in June may vary, it’s typically hot and humid and visitors to Belize can enjoy sunny days and clear skies in between occasional rain showers.

Weather in June

Average Number of Rainy Days and Rainfall in Belize by Month

The weather in June is hot and humid with lots of sunshine. It’s the start of the wet season, so occasional rainfall is common, often in the form of brief afternoon thunderstorms. During the day, the average temperature is 88°F (31°C), with lows of 82°F (27°C) at night. Humidity is high with an average of 80%, which can be described as muggy. It is important to use sunscreen, wear light, breathable clothing, and stay hydrated during this time of year. And don’t forget to add a rain jacket and insect repellant to your packing list.

Best Things to Do

belize mangos

June is a great time to visit Belize to engage in thrilling outdoor activities, explore ancient history, and soak up the country’s natural beauty and vibrant culture. Here are some of the top activities to enjoy during your June trip to Belize:

1. Snorkeling and Diving the Belize Barrier Reef

June offers warm waters and excellent visibility for snorkeling and diving adventures. And it doesn’t matter where you stay since the Belize Barrier Reef stretches along the country’s entire coastline, providing numerous breathtaking spots to explore. But don’t miss out on renowned sites such as Hol Chan, Mexico Rocks, South Water Caye Marine Reserve, and the mesmerizing Belizean atolls for world-class underwater experiences.

2. Discover the Mayan Heritage

Belize has a rich Mayan history, and June is a great time to delve into the ancient civilization’s remnants. The hot weather makes it ideal for visiting historic Mayan sites, although it’s recommended to explore them in the early morning to avoid the midday heat or occasional afternoon showers. Plan a trip to iconic sites like Xunantunich, Caracol, ATM Cave, and Lamanai to immerse yourself in the fascinating Mayan culture.

3. Venture into the Belizean Jungle

With more than 60% of Belize covered in lush forests, the country offers an abundance of national parks and nature reserves with tons of wildlife spotting opportunities. And June’s hot weather presents the perfect opportunity for hiking, with many trails leading to refreshing waterfalls. Some of my favourite jungle destinations include Mountain Pine Ridge, Bocawina National Park and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

4. Dia de San Pedro

Join the festivities on June 28th for the annual Dia de San Pedro in San Pedro Town in Ambergris Caye. This day is dedicated to honouring the island’s patron saint and paying tribute to the fishermen and founding fathers who have contributed to the island’s growth from a humble fishing village to its present-day state. Enjoy a lively fair with cultural dances, food events, thrilling games, tournaments, and fun parties.

5. Mango Fest

Every June, the coastal Garifuna village of Hopkins in Southern Belize hosts the annual Mango Fest, a delightful celebration dedicated to you guessed it: mango! Immerse yourself in the tropical ambiance as you indulge in the various mango-themed culinary delights, from mouthwatering dishes to refreshing beverages. It is a must-attend event for food enthusiasts and those seeking a unique cultural experience.

6. Enjoy Belize’s luscious Summer Fruits

Now that you know mango season is in play in Belize during June, I bet you’re wondering what other delectable summer fruits are available. Along with mangos, a few popular and delicious Belizean fruits to try in June include mamey, guaya, golden plum, craboo, cashew, malay apple, sea grape. You can also find papaya, bananas, pineapple, and coconut, which are typically available year-round.



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