10 must-have Belize souvenirs

Whenever I travel I make sure to carry extra cash and have additional space in my bags for cool souvenirs. However, many times due to being overwhelmed by options or due to time constraints, I end up buying ridiculous souveniors that no one wants. That’s super annoying, right?

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During your trip to Belize you’ll witness a wide variety of keepsakes and fortunately, I’m here to help by providing a short list of the best Belizean souvenirs you can take home. From rum, beers or chocolate, to wooden bowls and amazing Mayan baskets, here’s a list of 10 must have souvenirs you should buy when visiting Belize.

1. Mayan basket

My favourite souvenir is a Belizean Mayan basket. Basket weaving is an old tradition of the Mayan women of Southern Belize and each basket has a unique and intricate design that took several days to make.

mayan basket in Belize

Basket weaving – photo by Channel 5 Belize

2. Local Carvings

Local artists create amazing carvings out of exotic woods or slate. I love wood carvings but it can be expensive, slate is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option.

slate carvings in belize

Mayan slate carvings – photo via TripAdvisor

3. Rum

One Barrel rum is sweet, spicy and super delicious – it is considered the best rum in Belize.

one barrel rum belize

One Barrel Rum – photo by AmbergrisToday

4. Beer

Belikin, Belize’s national brew is the perfect souvenir for beer lovers. You can choose either a lager or stout.

belikin beer

Belikin Beer and Stout – photo by Belizeadventure.com

5. Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp’s hot sauce is unbelievably good! Once you’ve tried it, you’ll notice why it’s considered one of the best in the world! There are several flavours and heat levels.

Marie Sharps hot sauce

Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce – photo by AmbergrisToday

6. Hammock

Maybe its just me but nothing is more relaxing than laying on a hammock and drinking a nice cold beer or cocktail! Buy one so you can try it at home 🙂

hammock in Belize

Nothing is more relaxing than a hammock

7. Wood Tableware

My favourite wood tableware is Zericote salad bowls but colourful spoons and cutting boards made of various native woods are also great!

Zericote wooden bowls

Beautiful Zericote wooden bowls

8. Local Music

Belizean music is unique in many ways and buying CDs is a great way to support local artists. Most gift shops have a wide variety of options.

Garifuna Collective Belize

The Garifuna Collective

9. Garifuna drum

Garifuna drums can be an awesome new instrument to learn but are also a very nice decorative keepsake. I gave my sister a drum and since she’s a teacher in Canada, she often takes it to class and gives the kids lessons.

Garinagu people of Belize

Playing the drums is cool!

10. Chocolate

Share the Maya’s passion for cacao and try Belizean Chocolate! If chocolate ain’t your thing, what about coffee?

Belizean chocolate

Belizean chocolate – photo by Lyra Spang

Bonus: T-shirt

I dare you to say that you don’t want a shirt that says: “You better Belize it!” (haha)



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  1. Detroit April 10, 2014 at 2:29 AM #

    Will be in Belize on Cruise in May. What city sightseeing tour should I do and what company to contact.

  2. Carol Denogean August 3, 2015 at 6:27 PM #

    I am looking for a Bucket hat that says "Unbelizable" or "You better Belize it!" Can you point me in the right direction?